Standalone Power Systems

Modular, customisable and versatile off-grid renewable energy solution

Hybrid Systems’ innovative Stand-Alone Power System (SAPS/SPS) integrates the latest renewable energy technology to create an industry leading, utility-grade alternative to traditional poles and wires or thermal power generation units.

The latest Hybrid Systems Stand-Alone Power System has been custom designed by our in-house engineering team with modularity, reliability and efficiency as the main drivers. The Hybrid Systems team has drawn upon a long history of remote power generation design experience and the expertise of multinational equipment manufacturers to develop the design.The result of this design process is the Hybrid Integrated Power System (HIPS)™, an outdoor rated enclosure containing a mixture of inverters, solar charge controllers, batteries and control systems seamlessly integrated to provide a proven record of reliability and performance.

Covering a wide range of storage, solar PV and output capacities the system can be adjusted to suit most rural residencies, small businesses and many other rural or agricultural renewable applications as a cost-effective alternative to the traditional network or fossil fuel generation.

Designed to operate in the harshest of Australian conditions the HIPS™ is fully manufactured, assembled and tested in Australia to operate independently for the duration of its 25-year lifespan. With remote operation in mind the HIPS’ communications system integrates the most appropriate platform for the area, utilising either 3G, 4G or satellite to send data back to a central hub for 24/7 monitoring capability.

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