Large Scale PV Installations

Hybrid Systems Australia (HSA) is capable of the design and installation of Large Solar PV systems, used for such applications as remote, off-gird towns and mine sites. Hybrid Systems Australia recently purchased and imported into Australia the first Schneider PV Inverter Container. Consisting of two 680 kW Conext Core XC inverters with a total output of 1.36 MW, the container is specifically designed to connect to large Solar PV installations and in February 2017 it was installed and commissioned at the Meekatharra Power Station.

The advantages of large Solar PV installations include the potential of turning off a portion of existing Diesel or Gas generation, which ultimately reduces Diesel or Gas consumption. By reducing the run hours of existing power generation assets, the life of these generation assets is effectively extended, prolonging maintenance as the intervals between servicing and rebuilds are greater, ultimately reducing costs.

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