The future of energy supplies is undoubtedly moving toward the use of renewable energy and as a relatively young company, Hybrid Systems Australia has entered the market to service this ever-growing demand. Stemming from a background in Power Generation, HSA’s key personnel are aware of the client’s requirements with regard to timeliness, superior service and the installation of quality products.

Hybrid Systems is a registered Electrical Contractor (EC 012897) and specialises in:

  • Installation of small and large scale Solar PV Systems
  • Integration of renewable generation into existing generation facilities
  • Solar, battery storage, wind and reciprocating Power Generation
  • Applications such as Remote Off-Grid Towns and Mine Sites
  • EPC, BOO Solar PPA’s and Lease Agreements for off-take
  • Battery installation for network and generation support to increase generation life-cycles and plant reliability
  • In house design and implementation of control and SCADA systems


Hybrid Systems Australia’s corporate facilities are located at 8 Chisholm Crescent, Kewdale in Perth, Western Australia. HSA’s corporate facility consists of 3000 square meters of workshop and 120 square meters of offices, equipped with overhead cranes, vehicle-servicing facilities, hard stand areas and access doors large enough to accommodate semi-trailers containing large pieces of industrial equipment.

Trusted Suppliers

Hybrid Systems Australia (HSA) endeavours to work closely with OEMs to ensure the client receives the right product suited to their individual needs. The development of strong lasting relationships between HSA and OEM’s ranks highly among HSA’s corporate values as the establishment of these relationships, promote competitive product pricing and continual product support.

HSA is often open to the trialling of OEMs new technologies in real life installations, which may provide more accurate real life data and further developing the OEMs products. The formation of these relationships between HSA and OEM’s are another form of assurance that the client will always receive their product on time, on budget and of the highest possible quality.